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Born October 28, 1959 in Baku. Draw began with 4 years of age. While still in school with 5 classes participated in district competition painters, was awarded the Certificate of RONO for the theme "I bless my homeland. 1980 he graduated from art school im.A.Azim-Zadeh, Department of Painting.From 1982to 1985. He worked at the studio to them. Jabbarli artist in 9 of animated films, 4 of them were awarded diplomas at international film festivals. At the same time cooperated in the satirical magazine "Kirpi. From 1985 to 2006. He worked in puppet theater Buta, where he was an artist dolls, painting scenery and performance props.Theater took part in the Days of Azerbaijani Culture in France, Turkey, and also has an award at the World Festival of Puppet in Florida (USA).In 1992, the author of the logo design development and attributes to the State air Concern «AZAL».      In 1993, the author sketches of decorations and medals of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1994, the author of the logo design and development of attributes for the airlines      «TURAN AIR». In 1997, the author designs a commemorative medal of the Parliament. In 1999 and 2003. held solo exhibitions. In 2002, the author of the illustrations of the tale, "White Dove" commissioned by the American and Norwegian Embassies.In 2003, the figures published in the American Magazine «Guitar review». In 2006 - Special Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan at the " Miniature and Book Art " devoted to the 65 anniversary of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan. Since 2007, a special cartoonist in the magazine "Region Plus". In 2010, the exhibitor of miniature "From the east to the east". Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan. Three times Winner of UNESCO.Images are printed in books, newspapers and magazines. Participant of many national and international exhibitions of paintings, drawings and miniatures . Works are in private collections and museums around the world. He is married and has two children.



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